Maricopa CDWID Phone: (520) 568-2239
      Committed to Providing Clean, Safe Water for All Our Residents  
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Phone: (520) 568-2239
Fax: (520) 568-2185
New Service Info
We Do Not service subdivisions or housing developments.
Getting Started
Maricopa Consolidated Domestic Water Improvement District provides water service for the original community area of Maricopa also known as the Heritage District & New Saddleback Vista neighborhood.
Please contact our office by phone at 520-568-2239 or email: for applications. The Service Application Agreement can be emailed or faxed to you.
**During office closure while taking precaution with COVID19 issues, please set an appointment with the office to start new service.
A photo ID and renter or owner documents are required along with Service Deposit fees to process your application. Turn on of service is usually next day.

*Seven Ranches DWID, Papago Butte DWID, Valle Escondido DWID and Thunderbird Irr.#1 Applications are also available at our office, by email or fax.
We look forward to serving your water needs.
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