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Phone: (520) 568-2239
Fax: (520) 568-2185
News & Notices
Flow Test results
Engineer Letter to the City Culver`s Water pressure issue
Annual Events
Maricopa CDWID in collaboration with Maricopa Fire Dept., will conduct routine hydrant flushing and maintenance within the MCDWID/Heritage District boundaries to help ensure Flushing hydrants are operational, provide adequate water flow, and maintain adequate system pressure.
The District Flushing hydrants are tested and flushed, at a minimum, every year. As part of the program, the District will ensure equipment is intact and functional, inspect the water flow, open the hydrant to allow the water to flow until the water is clear and free from debris and document information about the hydrant.
Hydrant flushing may cause fine sediment particles within water lines to be disturbed. As a result, residents may experience temporary discoloration of their water. If this discoloration occurs, residents should try not to open sink, bath or shower faucets.
Residents should go outside and open a spigot and allow a few minutes for the discoloration to dissipate.
In most cases, this should take care of the problem. This will also ensure there is no sediment in the ice you are using from your ice maker.To verify water is clear, run your tap with cold water.
For questions, contact our office:45290 W. Garvey Ave. or 520-568-2239
Customers of TBIWDD#1
Customers of TBIWDD#1./Clientes de TBIWDD#1
NOTICE OF SYSTEM SHUT-DOWN: The irrigation system will be off due to a main break. Repairs are scheduled for Friday, January 25, 2019.Please make any necessary arrangements for plant and animal watering until repairs are complete.
Board Meetings
Maricopa CDWID meetings:
2nd Wednesday of each month
at 4:00 PM at our office 45290 W. Garvey Ave.
Meetings are open to the public and we encourage customer input.
*Persons with disabilities needing accommodation or alternative formats should contact district.
Requests should be made 72 hours in advance.
A Speaker Card may be required and are available at office.
Meetings and additional Customer Notices are posted on our Facebook site:
Consolidation/Merger Request From Valle Escondido DWID
August 10, 2020.

Dear Customers,
The Board of Directors of Valle Escondido DWID has requested consideration of Consolidation with Maricopa CDWID for the November 2020 Election. You will recall that Maricopa DWID & New Saddleback Vista DWID customers voted in 2017 Consolidation /Merger to one District now Maricopa Consolidated DWID.

The Consolidation item will go to the November 2020 Election. Both Districts require more than 51% Yes of total votes for the Merger to happen. The District name would remain Maricopa Consolidated DWID.

Merger/Consolidation provides the following for customers:
1. Board VEDWID members will serve on combined (5) Member Board
2. Consolidation will provide more efficient & consistent managing of combined systems
3. A larger customer base would bring financial stability to the Revenue base
4. The District Property Tax levy Rate will Not increase more than 2% each year
5. VEDWID area would adopt the Lower Water Rates and Property Tax Rate

Maricopa CDWID Board Regular Meeting 8/12/2020 at 4pm at 45290 Garvey Ave. Input from it`s residents/customers on a Consolidation Election with Valle Escondido DWID is appreciated.
TBIWDD1 tank sealing work complete May 28, 2019 Thank you for your patience.
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